Sensual Emotions – Cologne experience

How it started.

Few months before i found add about photo shoot session with Sacha Leyendecker, Amy Catherine and Monica Leyendecker.
I thought, why not, lets try something different. So I bought package „Sensual Emotions” and wait for the D Day 😉

The Sacha

One and only Sacha Leyendecker. Really good guy, with big knowledge to share, funny, helpful. Furthermore as i’m not german speaking gent, Sacha was able to explain all topics in english. But even I was almost able to understand German. Finally I could try Tamron lenses thanks to Sacha, but this I will comment at the end.

The Model

First of all Amy. Amy is one of the nicest and one of the most beautiful, most sexy model I was working with. Her skill to show emotions … just tell what you need and you will get. Most of all, she very communicative and listen to you. In my humble opinion she was the best choice for this Sensual Emotions workshop. Seems like, I know her all my life.
Probably, because she is much as my top choice model Aga.

The Stylist

Monica Leyendecker, she so sweet and helpful as she can be. Wardrobe chosen was tip-top, which result in the most sensual pictures. Make up and hair was done perfectly, therefore it emphasise Amys emotions, beauty and sensuality. In conclusion, very good job Monica.

The Studio

Studio is based in Cologne Germany. Studio is huge, comparing to studios I was already worked in, it two stories, 180m2 with huge windows. Very nice and very bright studio. With very nice props and nice hardware, I cannot wait to try Profoto stuff there.
Probably I will rent this studio for one of my projects 😉


The Sensual Emotions workshop by Sacha Leyendecker with cooperation of Amy Catherine and Monica Leyendecker was really success. I have learn lot, brought few pictures and meet new friends (more or less advanced in photography)

Master: Sacha Leyendecker
odel: Amy Catherine
MUA: Monica Leyendecker
Photo: Me


Full Galery: Amy Catherine –  Sensual Emotions

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